Monika Shugan

Monika Shugan

There are seekers who enter our lives to discover who we are, to find out the truth, to dig below the surface. Monika Shugan is a true seeker. It only takes a few moments to see that this compassionate woman has a true intention to see those around her fully.  The power behind her search for meaningful connection comes from her own exploration of vulnerability and the instant bond created by truly seeing each other at their core. As she likes to say, she “levels up” when inspired by the stories of another’s journey.

This comes from Monika’s unconventional upbringing, where her house was always full of laughter and guests at the dinner table. It wasn’t until years later that she realized those guests were often people in need, being welcomed by her mother and provided the supported needed.

A fearless cheerleader of others, Monika has built a successful career by connecting large teams to drive winning results at major global and boutique retailers and tech companies. She’s now parlayed her sales management success into a career where her passion for interior design can grow.

The natural connection that has led her to success, was the same skillset that made her friends with everyone growing up; yet she never felt like she truly fit in. But with her kind heart and pursuit of happiness, along with the gifts of compassion her parents inspired in her, her aspiration to connect with others led her to Novel.  Our community has become a destination for Monika, like so many of our members. A place where like, meets like and minds are shared.

With Novel, Monika advocates for true connection through freedom of conversation. There are no “vulnerability hangovers” allowed.