In a fast-paced digital world, we want to welcome you to a new way to create real connections. By becoming part of the Novel community, you are now part of something special. We offer you the space to explore your purpose, compassion and connection through events, storytelling and more.


A Novel Evening indeed!

Novel curates stories through events, experiences and conversation to expand your mind, find deeper connections, and bring positivity to your life.

An evening of love with Jack Daniel's

Highly Curated, Always Connected

Novel Evenings

While it started as a book club called Novel Evenings, Novel Media has expanded to offer you more. More stories, more connection, a stronger community, with love and positivity - and yes, a lot of fun!

Book Club Community


Our book club events are tailored for our community to spark conversation, connection and a little debate. People find shared experiences in the words, and explore their own journeys in an intimate evening stewarded by our hosts.

Jack Daniel's Love Event


Tailored experiences are curated to open hearts and minds to authenticity and purpose. Our events inspire people to step forward in vulnerability and are a delight to the senses.

Novel Evenings Team


Brought to you by a team of passionate people that loves to bring people together. To provide safe places for growth, positivity and love by whatever medium possible.

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