Cerys Goodall

Cerys once interviewed for a waitressing job while in university and was asked the ridiculous question, “if you were a fruit, what would you be?” “A pineapple,” she responded. “Prickly on the outside, not something you’d think would be very nice. But quite sweet actually if you take the time.”

Twenty years later, this laughable metaphor holds true. Her badge of honor has always been her strength. But it’s been her armor as well. Much of Cerys’ life has been focused on work, serving some of Canada’s greatest CEOs, and climbing a corporate ladder in a near-manic fashion that many found intimidating.  After all, Cerys gets things done. Tucked away in the success of work, Cerys had built a fortress around her that kept people at a distance.

It would surprise most, but for those in her inner circle, there is a much softer side, empathetic, thoughtful and considerate. This sweeter side, is what brought her to Novel. A desire to let her guard down, to show up in a different way than she has for much of her life. To connect with who she truly is at her core and try and figure out how to bring that into her daily life.

Novel’s mission to create safe places and put down our personas is the part of our community Cerys admires most. It takes bravery. It sometimes takes an admittance of feeling lost. It certainly takes a desire to set aside our masks and see one another for all the beautiful flaws we have. To Cerys, Novel is more than a company, or community, it is a mission to give people safe harbor and passage through life’s most exhilarating and trying times.